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96 F150 camp truck.
4thJune2024, 06:27 AM,
RE: 96 F150 camp truck.
No track bar on the TTB, its just angle sensitive. Thankfully the desert guys have really done a good job in figuring out how to make it work well. After throwing on a basic lift I understand how twin traction beam gets a bad wrap.
20thJune2024, 07:43 AM,
96 F150 camp truck.
Threw some "big" tires on it. Some 32 11.5 15's on some cheap marketplace 15x10 steel wheels.
Looks good, wheels are trash, so balance is off.

[Image: 623068cda609b5d0098f086247cf79d2.jpg]

[Image: 2347e4f053475f7259e60add8088397d.jpg]

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20thJune2024, 09:36 AM,
RE: 96 F150 camp truck.
At least the 32s won't kill your torque.
20thJune2024, 11:24 AM,
RE: 96 F150 camp truck.
No, It drives just like it did on 31's. I don't need big tires like I had on the blazer and suburban. If it gets an ls swap I might go to a 315 size tire.

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