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The Boat Project
16thJuly2023, 10:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 16thJuly2023, 10:43 PM by Reserector.)
The Boat Project
I found some good used 13P in my price range. In my cart on ebay. That may be next if the 15 doesn't hit the sweet spot. Debating ordering one anyway. They're cheap enough.

When I'm happy with the prop, I want to try it without the fin on the lower unit.

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17thJuly2023, 02:36 PM,
The Boat Project
What’s the horsepower of the engine?

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17thJuly2023, 08:38 PM, (This post was last modified: 17thJuly2023, 08:46 PM by Reserector.)
The Boat Project
140 HP
Oh, I ordered a 13P.
I have one of the last OMC Cobra drives. (1993) They made the gearing and shafts of the 3.0L i4 model the same as the 4.3L v6 model. Therefore, the gearing is slightly taller (1.85:1) than in earlier models.
So, it makes sense that it would use a smaller pitch than what i was initially told on

There was no prop when I got it, and Chris couldn't remember what it used.
The manufacturer moved from Georgia to Canada. No help there.

All I know is that it performed better with the 17 than it did with the 19, so I'll keep experimenting.

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8thJuly2024, 12:26 PM,
RE: The Boat Project
It turns out that my tach was lying to me.  I didn't get any more speed out of the 15P.  Just more RPMs.
I was planning to switch back to the 17P before our trip to Wilson Lake this past week, but I got lazy and left the 15 on, with the 17 as my spare.
Glad I did, because the 15 found some submerged timber while idling up the creek to the place we rented.  Bent the leading edge of one blade.
I swapped it out for the 17 and I am happy with it.  I went ahead and ordered a second 17P prop on ebay as a backup.

On another note, I finally weighed the boat and trailer.
__________________Truck and trailer____________Truck only

    Steer axle_________ 3340____________________ 3400
    Drive axle_________2900_____________________2600
    Trailer axle________2780____________________ - - -
    Gross weight_____ 9020_____________________6000

Based on that information, the boat and trailer (together) weighs 3,020 lbs
240 lbs is tongue weight.
I know from early in teh project that the trailer weighed 600 lbs, but I have since added hydraulic disc brakes. I am going to estimate the trailer weight to me around 750 lbs, now. That means the boat alone weighs 2,270 lbs.

This is good information if I go back and consider how much flotation is in the boat compared to its weight.
I'm not likely to do that. I put back almost all that the factory originally installed, which I am sure is not quite enough to keep it afloat in the real world should the worst happen. If we are being honest, I think most boats would go to the bottom if allowed. Well, maybe not a Boston Whaler, but most ski boats, at least.

I'm just a number nerd and have been curious. So, now I know.
8thJuly2024, 12:33 PM,
RE: The Boat Project
Wendy and I took the boat to Wilson Lake on the Tennessee River in northern Alabama last week. We rented a property that was fenced and gated, and had a private dock and private ramp. Pretty awesome!
It was on Big Nance Creek with easy access to the lake.

I was using an app called Navionics on my tablet.  It kept me out of the shallow places and helped me identify the markers without having to get close or use binoculars.  I was plotting and following courses and having a blast.

Here are some pics.
[Image: FB_IMG_1720153740372.jpg]
[Image: 20240704_172755.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_114753.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_114725.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_114719.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_114707.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_110328.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_103516.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_103504.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_100411.jpg]
[Image: 20240703_100436.jpg]
9thJuly2024, 06:54 AM,
The Boat Project
Looks like good fun.

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