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Suburban Family truck build.
11thOctober2021, 06:53 PM,
RE: Suburban Family truck build.
Want to trade Houses?
12thOctober2021, 09:40 AM,
RE: Suburban Family truck build.
Is it snowing there, yet?
21stOctober2021, 10:34 AM,
RE: Suburban Family truck build.
Hope you're enjoying Wyoming. Smile
1stJune2024, 07:24 PM,
Suburban Family truck build.
Long time, but some updates.
On the move back from Wyoming the old girl was running like a top, 12mpg at 70 loaded down and pulling a 6x12 uhaul trailer.
When we hit Dallas it all went south, 3 water pumps lost the pulley in the length of the city. After fighting with it and even going as far as having a friend tig weld the pulley on we took a ride of shame to Shreveport and a tow bar ride home.
[Image: e1e6c1582711190828346aafe0ec347d.jpg]

Turns out a bandaid I did before the move shifted and it was 3 washers that caused a vibration at 2500 rpm and walked the pulley off the water pump shaft.

After we got back to Landmass it was rebandaided and put back to daily driver status.

Eventually I picked up a clean 96 f150 to dd and save on some fuel. We started to build a tiny house and it mostly just sat by the barn.
I decided to start a roof chop and bob to the massive rear end and start a cage.

[Image: f97f7200da987e71eca6d192c0c77a7e.jpg]

Unfortunatly that's about as far as we got. After getting busy on the house it just sat, one day I went to move it and while it ran great the clutch was froze up solid. I hit a crossroad on trying to talk myself into keeping something that ultimatly would just sit 99% of the year and was so over built to just drive around wearing out high dollar tires.

After looking at the market place and seeing how no one in South ms. buys project trucks the decision was made to part her out. The one ton axles will live on in a jeep scrambler being built in La. The 454 will live on pulling a camper out of south ms. The frame and a bunch of misc parts will be used to 4wd swap a cclb out of lumberton ms. The tcase made its way to Monroe la. to go in a restored k5.

The hulk went to the crusher for $144 dollars.

[Image: bf05036116f47807a74e4babf687d571.jpg]

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1stJune2024, 07:39 PM,
Suburban Family truck build.
[Image: bb515c31caa1a58e8b7d73845aa9570d.jpg]

[Image: 338f104bbed372e34517b83822433fad.jpg]

[Image: 4c583b6789cf6d3fb1cf98eee4b112c8.jpg]

[Image: d87803080121743cff5870aecb23eda1.jpg]

[Image: 09b2c3c2f2f997a0c2b573d8caaa13ec.jpg]

[Image: 08f2175e72640ce0439a8c4416ff053e.jpg]

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3rdJune2024, 07:48 AM,
RE: Suburban Family truck build.
"Goodbye, Old Paint. I'ma' leavin' Cheyene."

On to the next chapter. I think you made a good call. It was fighting you too much.
3rdJune2024, 12:14 PM,
RE: Suburban Family truck build.
It was always a junk yard truck built with junk yard parts, I just couldn't stand watching it fall apart from sitting, it donated enough parts to forever live on.

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