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Calmini D22 SAS Steering Upgrade
14thNovember2017, 01:58 PM,
Calmini D22 SAS Steering Upgrade
Contributed by Kaiser:

Some people don't realize that the Calmini kit doesn't come with a new steering system - just an adapter that lets you connect the Nissan pitman arm to the stock Jeep draglink.

Here's what I'm doing as a complete heavy duty replacement system:

I ordered 7 feet of 1.25" DOM from Complete Offroad and a tie rod reamer tool. I also ordered the following four tie rod ends from Auto Zone (slightly cheaper there):
1) ES2027L - Pitman arm end of draglink
2) ES2026R - Tierod end of draglink
3) ES2234R -Driver end of tierod
4) ES2233L - Passenger end of tierod (has a hole in it that the 2026R fits into (ETA - required lots of reaming to fit))

We're going to cut the DOM down to size to make a custom drag link and a custom tierod (my friend has the taps already). The tierod bar will be about 41". We measured the needed draglink length to be 32.5" - but I think we forgot to subtract out the length of the TRE - so I'll post back up real #'s when we're done). You can also get custom cut-to-your-specs links or this entire system pre-made from has a lot of useful stuff, too - but they are more geared toward hy-steer stuff which is slightly different.

You also have to ream the Nissan pitman arm out from the bottom with the purchased tool (the pitman end now goes in from the bottom). You end up with this setup (which you can also buy pre-assembled from completeoffroad - I just chose to do it the cheaper DIY way):

This will make for a TOUGH-arse steering setup. My only concern is that the angle of the draglink will be significantly lower than it was previously - and might create some bump steer since its arc will be a bit different than that of the trackbar. It won't be dramatically different, though - so I think it'll be okay. Hmmm...
It just occurred to me that maybe I can still have the pitman go in from the top - I think that would lessen the trackbar/draglink angle difference.... I'll see if that is possible when I get the parts. It's a pretty tight fit and a pretty extreme angle with the thing mounting from the top, tho... and this new TRE is going to be bigger/beefier than the one on the Calmini end.

take measurements from knuckle knuckle, and pitman to passenger knuckle, call parts Mike, give them the measurements, and get your steering kit. Dont' forget to get a reamer.

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