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less 'skinny pedal' project
15thFebruary2022, 08:47 PM,
less 'skinny pedal' project
[Image: a99a046e0474067b4b49863e1770074b.jpg]

New front coil overs. Small business. Usa made. Custom. Fully adjustable. It’s a shame customer service was the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life. They arrived a solid 8 months after the original projected ship date. I’ll install this weekend. Hopefully they perform better than their people skills.

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[Image: 12-11zachcrosby3.jpg]
15thFebruary2022, 10:24 PM,
less 'skinny pedal' project
Those coilovers look fantastic. I love how the spring is a lot taller. Keep us updated on them.
16thFebruary2022, 07:52 AM,
RE: less 'skinny pedal' project
Still waiting on the sprayer pics.....
Those shocks should work great, since they come with such a big sticker. Smile

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