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Back to where I started
19thSeptember2022, 07:22 PM,
Back to where I started
My primary mission was to travel from Laurel, Mississippi with my mother's ashes and lay them to rest in a grave in Port Republic, New Jersey.
Total mileage was just over 2,600.

[Image: c46b0b7763d3be44bf5d183ffeef5307.jpg]
[Image: 1d61cb1f5f5b498961d26d5efb1e1b4b.jpg]

Mom was the first to introduce me to riding at age 2, so it seemed only fitting that I take her home with a motorcycle. You see, I couldn't bury her ashes right away because the ground was frozen, so I took her back to Mississippi with plans to finish what I promised at a later date. Eight years later, I fulfilled that promise.

I made the first leg in two days, stopping overnight at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, VA. It was a weird setup with raised wooden platforms. Had to improvise a bit. The trek up the hill was no joke, either. Steep and wet. I slept well, though.

[Image: 957f814af414c578d1321518eb65e135.jpg]
[Image: 68ff6382d43b685001f37275f6e462fd.jpg]
[Image: 9ea7b33c2f78ae12af6d714aa5643987.jpg]
[Image: 2cccdf2331cda0f7e63597b8ca404597.jpg]

The rain in the forecast stayed just ahead of me the whole way. I got to my friend Joe's house dry.

[Image: 97a1ee3f6c92c0e7a9996ea23149694c.jpg]
[Image: 56ba5953799675762b72595e3062fdb4.jpg]
[Image: 649490df8835c3002673244a5d72230c.jpg]
[Image: 108a84e3a2fa82f8f18dbf840a32ea0c.jpg]
[Image: fd7d39659ddf6304b614293712618593.jpg]

We took care of Mom's ashes the next morning. May she test in peace.

[Image: 05b5377511ddf534ee30b29302278b20.jpg]

From there, I visited old friends and a cousin. One friend has a shop and a collection of vintage dirt bikes that would blow your mind.

[Image: cda2d07da821e9746a7373aaa7e13f09.jpg]

Another friend has a stock car currently driven by Tyler Truex. (Yes, related to Martin Truex.)
We are all racers or former racers of some sort. Mostly enduro.

[Image: 1d74784b36127d3fb20a30aac7826cf4.jpg]
[Image: bce3bb049c07a10d988e177b2357c320.jpg]

From there, I headed west to Williamstown, PA to visit my niece. After that, I pointed the FJR south toward the Tail of the Dragon where I stayed at the Iron Horse Lodge. (Familiar surroundings.)

[Image: 53a461a94a5ed3430d87b6316d9a7ac4.jpg]
[Image: b8517ec6721a8bc06476a494085ade0d.jpg]
[Image: 66cb456fb9df42a19eb95b5362760db5.jpg]

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19thSeptember2022, 07:24 PM,
Back to where I started
[Image: 2f855b993eb8beb905924922ffbb63d9.jpg]

The big girl was riding low. I was hanging off and dragging both pegs. Did my best for the cameras. Wink

[Image: d38e2ae878fe802744f6cce88bd6d74c.jpg]
[Image: c175c36378afa54bc6a86a4f4bab54dc.jpg]
[Image: 0ab0fab3b24cb36cf4d96155559c6e16.jpg]
[Image: 736418374faca83717f7669b90055043.jpg]
[Image: 3b0b598144b9d333b1f9dedb231908c7.jpg]
[Image: d513c4ec14fda8d68219d345d672e034.jpg]
[Image: c86275f03524203dd9eb6b69d55384e0.jpg]
[Image: 253cba5db6c2d1cb2a00422c1b54f381.jpg]

I enjoyed sunny weather all the way home. All in all it was a good week. Just what I needed.

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21stSeptember2022, 12:02 PM,
RE: Back to where I started
I of course didn't know her, but can bet your mother would be proud of your trip.  It looks like some nice stops along the way.
Glad you enjoyed & made it back safe & refreshed!
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JEEP...It's What's For Dinner! Moon2
21stSeptember2022, 08:06 PM,
Back to where I started
Looks like a great trip

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[Image: 12-11zachcrosby3.jpg]
22ndSeptember2022, 12:48 PM,
RE: Back to where I started
Thanks. It was a much needed break from my routine. I really needed some quality time with the friends I grew up with.

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